6 minute AMRAP:

24 box jump over 24x20/20x24” (jump straight over, no contact, scale as needed)

48 Abmat situp

96 single skip

-Rest 3 minutes

6 minute AMRAP:

Burpee box hop 24/20”

-Rest 3 minutes

6 minute AMRAP:

200m row

50m bear crawl

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Long warmup

Prep for pistols


5 rounds for time:

18 pistol

12 kettlebell swing 53/35#

6 ring dip strict

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Shoulder band distraction


Tricep smash


2 rounds (16 minutes of continuous work):

4 minute AMRAP:

35 wallball shot 20/14# to 10/9’

Dumbbell snatch 50/35#

Immediately into:

4 minute AMRAP:

100 double under (2 min work)

Single arm overhead lunge 25’ lengths 50/35# dumbbell (switch arms every 25’)

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16 minutes alternating OTM:

Handstand work (walk, hold, shoulder tap, handstand pushups even, work you weakness)

10 good morning


For time: *10 minute cap


Toes to bar

Box step over 24x30/20x30” carrying 50/35# dumbbells

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30 minutes alternating OTM:

10-15 burpee (45 seconds of work)

5-10 strict pullup (1 unbroken set)

Complex: (Use 60-75 % of your clean and jerk PR)

Power clean


Right leg lunge

Left leg lunge

Push jerk

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Partner WOD:

4 x 5 minute of work, 2 minute rest :
40 kettlebell swing 53/35#

200’ bear crawl

AMRAP in the remaining time box step over 24x30/20x30 (single kettlebell)

*1 works while 1 rests.

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Time trial:

1k row
*Push the pace! This is an aggressive effort that feels like “Fran”, “Diane” or “Jackie”. This is a 3-4:30 minute effort.

Post WOD Challenges:

10 minute squat test

*Can you stay in the bottom of a squat for 10 minutes? Your back may round and you may shift around. Try to find where you are restricted and then use that knowledge to better focus your mobility work.


Kettlebell Confidence

*Can you complete 1 arm kettlebell tater thrusters? Start light and work up in weight. Get used to letting it go and seeing where it moves in the air.

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3x10 deadlift
*Shoot for 60-70-80% of the 2RM we did last week. Most everyone will be able to hit these numbers. If you feel good, go heavier.


6 minute AMRAP:

10 toes to bar

5 power clean and jerk 165/110#

-Rest 3 minutes

6 minute AMRAP:

10 chest to bar pullup

5 wall climb

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3 rounds for time: *45 minute cap

30 wallball shot 20/14 to 10/9’

30 sumo deadlift high pull 75/55#

30 box hop 20” (both sexes)

30 push press 75/55#

30/24 calorie row

30 pushup

10 back squat bodyweight (barbell comes from the floor)

*Optional: Wear a vest if you think you can still stay under 45 minutes.

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7x3 push press
*Build to a 3RM for the day.


For time:


Front squat 95/65#

Handstand pushup


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“Climbing Burpees”

15 minute AMRAP:

Each round starts with 1 rope climb

Follow the rope climb with ascending burpees

*Burpees will increase in a linear fashion from 2-4-6-8...

Do your burpees to a 6" target and wear a weight vest if you wish.

Post WOD Skill work:
Pistols! We’ve got some effective pistol drills and lower body mobility to help you guys and gals get a bigger better range of motion!

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In teams of 3, 30 minute AMRAP:

10 wall climb (1 working)

20 wall ball shot 20/14# to 10/9’ (synchronized by a pair)

30 second wall sit (all members)

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3 rounds for time:

40 kettlebell swing 53/35#

30 box hop 24/20”

20 toe to bar

*rest 1 minute after the completion of a round

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4 rounds for time:

15 back squat 155/105# (bar is taken from ground)

10 burpee chest to bar pullup

Post WOD Accessory:

5 rounds not for time:

5 bottoms up kettlebell strict press (per arm)

20 Russian twist

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20 minutes to establish a 1RM split jerk


For time:


Power clean 95/65#

Shoulder to overhead

*The workout begins and ends with a 20/14 calorie ski. Each time you break from doing touch and go reps you must complete the 20/14 calorie ski before resuming the workout. Use a weight that you think you have a chance of doing all 3 rounds unbroken in the middle. The barbell may be held at the shoulders or hips for a brief rest. YOU MAY NOT STOP IN ANY POSITION FOR MORE THAN 5 SECONDS OR THAT WILL BE CONSIDERED A REST AND YOU WILL HAVE TO DO YOUR PENALTY BEFORE RESUMING WORK.

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4 superset rounds on 3 minute clock:

5-10 strict handstand pushup

10 bent over row


12 rounds for time: *18 min cap

31 double under

6 snatch grip deadlift 95/65#

6 power snatch

6 overhead squat

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Teams of 3 WOD:

24 minutes alternating OTM:

30 seconds of double unders

30 second handstand hold/walk/shoulder taps

1 minute cycling the complex:

5 kettlebell kettlebell snatch (each arm) 53/35#

10 goblet lunge
*Once you pick up the kettlebell you must finish the whole series of reps without setting it down, or continue working until the minute has expired. Use a half rotation switch to change hands on the snatch and flip your bell “tater style” to enter the goblet position for the lunges.

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Dumbbell thruster 50/35#

Dumbbell power clean

-Rest 10 minutes to fully recover

3 rounds:

10 dumbbell thruster 50/35#

10 dumbbell power clean

Mandatory Row-out:
2k row at a pace that is 7-10 seconds slower than your 5k pace from last week.

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Open WOD 13.1

17 Minute AMRAP:

40 burpee to 6” above standing reach

30 snatch 75/45#

30 burpee

30 snatch 135/75#

20 burpee

30 snatch 165/100#

10 burpee

As many snatches as possible in the remaining time 210/120#

*On this workout snatch refers to a category of movement. Power snatches are advised when possible.

Post WOD accessory:

3 rounds:

30 seconds glute bridge hold

30 seconds hollow hold

30 seconds superman

30 seconds high plank

30 seconds single arm, single leg plank

30 seconds single arm, single leg plank

*1 minute rest between rounds

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10x2 deadlift
*Build to a 2RM


3 rounds for time: *10 minute cap

2 Turkish get up 53/35# (one per arm)

100m farmers carry 53/35# kbs

250m row

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