“Partner Braswell” 
40 minute AMRAP:
9 hang power clean 95/65#
12 burpee over bar
18 wallball shot 20/14#
200m wallball run
*in this workout while one partner runs the other must hold the barbell in the front rack. You must alternate who runs every round. All other movements can be traded as needed. If the bar is dropped while your partner is still running the next round starts with 10 burpees.

This hero WOD honors Christine Braswell, 40, who lost her life on 4/8/2017, after sustaining multiple injuries from an off-duty vehicle accident. She was a 12-year veteran and academy instructor with the Delray Beach PD, Swat Team Sniper and Delray Honor Guard. "She was a badass, and I/we wanted this to be just like her."