June Athletes of the Month

Our June AoM are both hard workers with busy lives who always make time to get their workout in! Please join us in congratulating Alexa Mark and Tim Pestian! Great work!! IMG_1566

Alexa Mark

Alexa has been part of the Cadre Crew since February 2015. Alexa was drawn to CrossFit because of the variety of movements and different aspects of the workouts. Additionally, Alexa feels like CrossFit pushes her in so many different ways and is so much fun! The main draw for her though is that the “community if absolutely amazing!”

Alexa loves spending her time doing squat snatches but would prefer to avoid thrusters any chance she gets! Dead lifts are a close second for her least favorite lift. Alexa has seen progress in both her technique and her strength.

As a sophomore at Walsh Jesuit High School, Alexa has a lot going on between school work, extracurricular activities and just being a teenager, but she always finds time to put in extra work to improve! He goal is to compete at the CrossFit Games in the Teenage Girls’ 16-17 Division. We can’t wait to see you compete at the Games, Alexa! Keep up the great work. We are so proud to call you a member of the Cadre Crew!



Tim Pestian

Tim has been part of the Cadre Crew for 3 years. Tim has this to say about CrossFit: “CrossFitters are some of the mentally and physically strongest people I’ve ever met, but it’s more than that. My favorite aspect of CrossFit is the community I feel part of with athletes that don’t define strength just in weights, but in being healthy and emphasizing respect and loyalty in and out of the gym.”

Tim has chosen CrossFit over other forms of CrossFit because the workout is always different and unlike a regular gym, Tim hasn’t experienced a predictable routine or plateau. Unlike other forms of exercise, “with CrossFit, I check my ego at the door and trust my coaches—because this is physically strongest I’ve ever felt in my life.” Tim’s favorite lift is the power clean and he would rather skip overhead squats!

Tim is a brand new Dad to a sweet baby boy named Tre and he sees the value in starting the day by pushing himself at Crossfit each morning in order to be the strongest version of himself for his family. Tim’s favorite thing about Cadre “is the atmosphere that the owners and coaches have created. Cadre is unlike any community or team I’ve ever been a part of.” We are so proud of you Tim and love having you as part of the Cadre Crew! Keep up the great work!