Warm up:  GW#2 Skill/Strength:

  • Turkish Get-up Tech.
  • 4x2 Each arm Turkish Get-up....Perform a turkish get-up, when in the standing position with KB overhead step up to 20" or less box and step down, after step down from box, perform the down part of the turkish get-up. * If uncomfortable with weight overhead bring KB down in front rack position. (Choose comfortable/controlling weight)

15 MINS to complete


5 Rounds (20 MINs Total)

1 MIN Per Movement

  • 8-10 Ring Dips/Box Dips/Paralette Dips
  • 10-12 Russian KB Swings 70/55
  • 15-18 AB-Mat Situps
  • 5 Strict Pull-ups (Weighted if possible)

Leave enough time for transitioning to next movement


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