9/29....WOD(Lets Move Some Weight)

WOD: Teams of 2 must complete.

Team of guys 18,000 pounds

Team of girls 13,500 pounds

COED team 15,000 pounds

Must Complete FOR TIME:

  • Row 1K (Only on can row at a time)
  • Shoulder to Overhead (6000,4500,5000)
  • DeadLIft (6000,4500,5000)
  • Ground To Overhead (6000,4500,5000)
  • Row 1K (One person can work at a time)

The total weight is split into thirds.1/3 per movment. ONE team member works at a time. Teams choose what weight they want on bar as long as you reach the prescribed weight per movement. You can change weight for each movement also.

Example: For shoulder to overhead I choose 100 pounds, my partner and I must do that 60 reps to get 6000 pounds to finish the movement and so one....

How fast can you move the weight?