Skill:12 minute alternating OTM: 3 high hang muscle snatch 10 triple under (work a consistent unbroken set of double unders if you cannot do a triple, if you cannot do doubles, then try them. NO ONE DOES THEM ON ACCIDENT!)


3 rounds for time:

15 deadlift #275/185

15 burpee box over 24x30/20x30”

*50 double unders to complete each round


WOD:“Grace” For time: 30 clean and jerk #135/95 *In this workout Clean and Jerk refers to a Ground to Overhead power cleans are accepted and advised, also you may use a press rather a jerk to move the bar overhead.

At 15 minutes on the clock: 2 minute AMRAP: 20 toe to bar Overhead squat #135/95

- Rest 1 minute

2 minute AMRAP: 20 toes to bar Front squat #135/95

- Rest 1 minute

2 minute AMRAP: 20 toes to bar Back squat #135/95


Strength:15 minutes to complete: 15-30 strict muscle OR 30 muscle up transitions (slow and controlled) OR 20 pullup and dip negatives

WOD: 4 rounds for time: *10 minute cap

15 thruster #95/65

10 lateral burpee over the bar


WOD:10 minute AMRAP: 10 toes to bar 10 weighted pistol #35/26 KB 20m overhead single arm KB carry (each arm)

-Rest 5 minutes

10 minute AMRAP: 20 toes to bar 20 pistol 40m overhead single arm KB carry (each arm)


Strength/Stamina:For time: *10 minute cap 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Strict handstand pushup Strict pullup *If your max sets of strict pullups OR strict handstand pushups are under 10 reps, then start at 7 reps and work your way down.

WOD: For time: *15 minute cap 20 bar facing burpee 15 snatch #115/80 40 bar facing burpee 10 snatch #145/100 60 bar facing burpee 5 snatch #175/120 *For this workout “snatch” refers to a category of movement. Power snatches are accepted and advised while the weight permits.


Strength:5 rounds on a 2:30 clock: 7 nordic hamstring raises 7 strict press (ascend from 65%)

WOD: 5 minute AMRAP: 1 wall climb 10 single skip 2 wall climb 20 single skip 3 wall climb 30 single skip *continue this pattern for 5 minutes


WOD:Alternating Death by: 2 calorie row 2 toes to bar *Once you fail one movement, you will continue the other movement by adding one rep each minute until failure. I.E. Failed the round of 14 toes to bar by only completing 13 reps. You must then row your 16 calories on the following minute. If successful then complete 17 calories the next minute, then 18, 19… until failure.


Strength:15 minutes OTM: 2 hang snatch *Work from 65% - 85% of 1RM snatch.

WOD: 5 minute AMRAP: 10 back squat 1.25 x bodyweight 10 bar facing burpee 10 shoulder to overhead .75 x bodyweight 10 lateral burpee over bar

-Rest 2 minutes then pick up where you left off for another 5 minute AMRAP.


Partner workout:10 min AMRAP: 21 sumo deadlift high pull #95/65 21 pushup 21 toes to bar *rest 3 minutes

10 min AMRAP: 15 sumo deadlift high pull #115/85 15 bar over burpee 15 toes to bar *rest 3 minutes

10 min AMRAP: 9 sumo deadlift high pull #135/95 9 pushup 9 toes to bar

*split reps as needed


Interval:20 minute alternating OTM: 10-20 calorie row (45-50 seconds of work) 5-10 strict handstand pushup (work must be completed unbroken for at least 3 rounds, Then it may be broken into sets if need be. These reps should be of the HIGHEST QUALITY!)

Post interval mobility and Open Prep


Strength:On a 2 minute clock, back squat: 3x5 65-80% 2x3 >80%

WOD: 7 minute AMRAP: 1 deadlift #315/225 8 chest to bar (scale: pullup) *Every round deadlifts increase by 1 rep.