Weekly Walkthrough September 30-October 5th

**Monday - September 30th - 4:18


10 minutes to work structured sets of double unders

This is meant to be an opportunity to work on consistency and control. Pick number that you believe can perform as an unbroken set with some rest between. Attempt to perform between 150-500 reps in structured sets where you control from start to finish and have minimal mistakes. Depending on your ability, modify the rep structures and the rest between sets: 7x50 with 1 minute rest, 20x10 with 20 seconds of rest between, 30x5 with 10 seconds of rest between. These should all fit in the 10 minute window and fit very different athletic levels. Modify as needed. If you are working on double unders with singles between, then work on getting down to only 1 single between or completely eliminating the singles to string doubles together. DOUBLES ONLY COME THROUGH PRACTICE!


5 rounds for time: *20 minute cap

20 kettlebell swing #53/35

20 pistol

20 ring dip


5 minutes light moving on a machine.

**Tuesday - October 1st - 8:40


10x2 split jerk

*Work from around 50% of 1RM split jerk to a 2RM for the day.


2 rounds for time, rest 3 minutes between rounds:

50/40 calorie row

800m run


Walk it off!

**Wednesday - October 2nd - 11:05


Open WOD 19.4

For time: *12 minute time cap

3 rounds:

10 snatch 95/65#

12 bar facing burpee

-Rest 3 minutes

3 rounds:

10 bar muscle up

12 bar facing burpee


Spend 10 minutes static stretching

**Thursday - October 3rd - 13:12


15 minutes OTM:

Power clean

Push jerk

Hang clean

Split jerk

*Start with a substantially heavy load and ascend if possible.


For time:


Deadlift 185, 235, 285/125, 155, 185#

Box hop 30/24”


1k cooldown row (18 s/m)

**Friday - October 4th - 16:20


5 rounds, on a 3 minute clock:

Max set strict pullup

Max set strict handstand pushup


15 minute AMRAP:

50 double under

20 overhead squat 115/80#

5 burpee muscle up (burpee with 2 toes to bar)


15 slow yoga inchworms

**Saturday - October 5th - 19:53

In teams of 3:

15 minute AMRAP:

10 synchronized burpee

20 synchronized wallball shot 20/14# to 10/9’

10 ground to overhead 135/95#

*For the burpees and wallballs to be performed the 3rd person on each team must hold the barbell in a front rack. IF THE BAR IS DOWN, WORK MUST STOP. You may change places as you wish.

-Rest 5 minutes

10 minute AMRAP:

Calories on a rower

*Each team gets one erg, rotate as desired.

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