Weekly Walkthrough September 23-28

**Monday - 3:45



3 rounds for time:

30 clean 95/65#
30 pullup

800m run


500m row at 18 s/m

Roll and stretch

**Tuesday - 5:32


14 minutes alternating OTM:

3-5 strict toes to bar

5-10 strict ring dip


For time: 17 minute cap


Lateral burpee over barbell

Shoulder to overhead 135/95#

4-3-2-1 rope climb


10 minutes of relaxed practice on handstands and handstand walks

**Wednesday - 8:54


The Calorie Counting Concept:

5 rounds accumulating as many calories as possible:

1 minute ski

1 minute rest

1 minute row

1 minute rest

1 minute bike

1 minute rest

*Last completed February 15th, 2019


400m walk

**Thursday - 11:30


Roll lats 2 min per side

Roll medial scapular boarder 2 minutes per side


10 minutes alternating OTM:

5 power snatch

5 hang snatch

*Pick one weight and keep it consistent. Should be difficult but doable to complete all 10 minutes unbroken. Suggested at 60% of 1RM snatch.

5 minute rest, then:

5 minutes OTM:

1 snatch ascending to a heavy single


10 minute squat test on a running clock.

*If you have to stand up, resume your hold as soon as possible and squat for as much of the 10 minutes as you can.

**Friday - 15:09


7 minute AMRAP:

1 strict chinup

2 pistol

2 strict chinup

4 pistol

3 strict chinup

6 pistol



Complete for time on a Tabata timer:

3 rounds:

75 double under

25 toes to bar

10 alternating lunges with 95/65# barbell overhead

*Wear a weight vest if you wish.

**Weight vest wearers beware: Double unders in a vest can cause significant soreness in the calves. If you do not have double unders we suggest that you NOT wear a vest and work on learning the basic CrossFit skill of the double under… they have ALWAYS appeared in the Open!


Spend 10 minutes working on your mobility weaknesses.

**Saturday - 19:40

Partner WOD:

3 rounds for time:

20 pullup

30 pushup

40 kettlebell swing 53/35#

800m kettlebell carry

*Split work as desired. Both athletes must complete the 800m carries traveling with a single kettlebell between the pair.

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