Weekly Walkthrough September 16-21

**Monday - 2:48

Mystery Monday:

There will be running, Not only running, but there will be running.

Post WOD:

5 rounds:

30 seconds of flutter kicks, holding 45/35# in front of the body

30 seconds rest

**Tuesday - 4:20


Strict press 5x5

*Start at 70% and ascend.


7 minute AMRAP:

5 power snatch 95/65#

10 front squat

15 deadlift

3 minute rest

7 minute AMRAP:

Burpee box over 24x20/20x24”

*If you want to make these a bit more challenging, add a weight vest!


Light and easy 1k bike followed by some stretching

**Wednesday - 7:20


20 minutes alternating OTM:

15-25 wallball shot 20/14# to 10/9’

1-5 muscle up (3-7 strict pullups or 2-3 pullup negatives)

*Ideally you will complete the wallball shots unbroken for all rounds. Also it is ideal to do your muscle ups as a single set. If you will need to break then consider doing fewer reps so that you don’t need to break. With strict pullups and negatives you may break, try to have the work completed by 0:25 on that minute, giving yourself 35 seconds or more of rest.

Post WOD:

Spend 10 minutes working on handstands and handstand walking

*Work on overhead range by stretching and rolling between efforts.

**Thursday - 12:10


4x10 back squat

Build from 60% to a 10rm for the day.


10x250m ski or row, rest 1 minute between efforts

*If needed, partner up and use your partner as your rest.


200m walk

Roll your back, lats and triceps

**Friday - 17:45


7 superset rounds on a 3 minute clock:

3 strict press 80% and ascending if possible

10-30 second L-hang


For time: *17 minute cap

50/40 calorie Concept 2

10 bear complex 115/80#

50/40 calorie Concept 2

10 bear complex

50/40 calorie Concept 2

10 bear complex

*Perform your calories on concept 2 machines. Order may very. Communicate with your coach and those in your class to ensure that you do not interfere with each other’s workouts. All 3 machines should be used.


Get on an open machine and do 5 minutes of super slow paced work.

**Saturday - 23:14

Partner WOD:

For time: *25 minute cap

Complete this workout by alternating the working athlete every 30 seconds:

100 dumbbell snatch 50/35#

200m overhead dumbbell carry

100 dumbbell goblet squat

200m overhead dumbbell carry

100 dumbbell box step up 24/20”

200m overhead dumbbell carry

100 dumbbell push press

200m dumbbell overhead carry

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