Yeah, But I Scaled...

Four words that every CrossFit coach cringes at:

“Yeah, but I scaled…”

We say it as if it’s a bad thing. As if we are not worthy of posting our results. As if we didn’t work as hard as all the others. As if somehow we are a lesser being than the others who did it “Rx".”

Of course, we understand where this popular thinking stems from, but let’s be frank for a moment (Because, if you don’t know me well enough yet, you’ll soon learn that I don’t do bullsh**).

Scaling has a negative connotation to it, which is a real shame because it’s actually THE most important and necessary part of the process. And, “Rx” is completely arbitrary anyway.

Let’s get one thing straight - Scaling is NOT just scaling a pull up to a jumping pull up. It is also scaling a pull up to a chest-to-bar or a strict pull up.

Yes, scaling goes up AND down! (mind blown)

Scaling allows all of us to perform the workout of the day at an appropriate level for our current level of skill and ability so that each of us can hit the intended stimulus and intensity.

So, when you’re finally able to perform “Fran” unbroken at “Rx” in a sub two minutes, it’s time to scale UP next time you see her. Yeah, you’re not done here. You’re never done.


Here’s the other piece of it - When have you ever had to scale a workout and you felt bored, unchallenged, and downright too easy?! I can’t speak for you, but I can share that I have NEVER had an “easy” scaled workout in the 10+ years I’ve been doing this. Heck, even jumping pull ups still hurt in the “Filthy Fifty!” I imagine that most, if not all of you feel the same way, too.

“Wow, that workout was so easy since I scaled it.”

~ Said no one ever

Here is another perspective that you may not have even considered…

Every time one of us says out loud in class, “Yeah, but I scaled it…” we are inadvertently including AND insulting all the others who had to scale, too. (gasp)

So, let’s STOP talking about scaling as if it’s a bad thing, and start sharing, celebrating, and embracing the process together!

Give yourself more credit - You are working hard to better yourself, and not a lot of people can say that. Keep working on yourself, and the next time someone says, “Hey, awesome job, buddy,” instead of saying, “Yeah, but I scaled,” try saying, “Thank you! You too!”

Take credit for your hard work!

WOD for THURSDAY 112918:

Front Squat:
*Build to a 1RM for the day, complete 1 set every 3 minutes, Complete 10-20 shoulder taps after each set.

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