Bring Your Heart With You

Let’s talk about our egos for a moment. We all have one. We are human.

A little bit of it is okay, and when used correctly, can even help to drive us towards success. Unfortunately, though, more times than not too much ego can make us behave in, uh, less than desirable ways.

Admittedly, even after doing this for over 10 years, I still have to check myself from time-to-time. Take for instance when we did “DT” last week. I’m about 10-weeks postpartum and have only been back to training since the beginning of November. But, when it came time to tackle the WOD, I let my ego get the best of me and did it at the “Rx” weight, knowing full well that I should have done it about 20 pounds lighter for quality control.

Sure… I finished it, but not well. By the third round, I was a hot mess and functioning in survival mode. And, because the weight was too much for me, I bruised my collar bone pretty badly in the Hang Power Cleans because I couldn’t finish my pull properly and catch in the right position.

The next few days that followed, I shook my finger at myself as my body hated me for my poor decision. No amount of stretching, massage, and Biofreeze was going to soothe this sore ego.

Why did I decide to do too much weight in “DT?”

Because, just like many of us, in the heat of the moment I felt like all eyes were on me with the expectation to crush this WOD “Rx” in a sub-5. I thought if I didn’t do it “Rx,” then I’d be disappointing everyone, and maybe even receive a few judgmental stares. I could hear everyone’s thoughts, even though they were really just my own insecurities being projected onto them. I thought I had something to prove. My pre-baby, competitive side talked in my ear like the devil.

Okay, so here’s the hard truth - No one cares if you do the workout “Rx” or not. No cares if you finish first or last. No one cares what weight you did “DT” in, nor whether or not you used a band in your pull ups. Everyone else is too worried about their own insecurities and how they’re going to make it through the WOD to be worrying about how you perform the WOD!

Seriously - When was the last time you thought to yourself, “Man, I can’t believe Johnny didn’t do the workout Rx, what a wimp! And, Sally’s pull ups were pure sh**! I can’t believe I workout with these losers.”

Never, right?! Because you’re not an a**hole, and you’re already having a hard enough time as it is getting through it all yourself.

(Now, if you are actually thinking those things, then maybe we should sit and have a little chat).

We are all fighting battles everyday that the rest of us know nothing about. Instead of projecting your own internal battles and believing that the rest of us will judge or berate you, realize that we are all feeling the same things, thinking the same intrusive thoughts, and none of us actually care what your “Fran” time is or your 1 RM Deadlift - We just care that you give your best and are a nice person at Cadre.


Of all the people and places you deal with in your lives, please know that Cadre is the one place, the one hour, the one community where you can be yourself.

This is our sanctuary. Our sanity. This is our me-time, stress relief, and safe place where we can better ourselves, improve our lives, and cheer each other on along the way.

In a world where our egos can get triggered and our hearts can be broken, always remember that Cadre is where we can sweat together with open hearts and open minds.

Leave your ego at the door, and bring your heart with you.

#cadrestrong #fitfam

WOD for WEDNESDAY 112818:

5 Superset Rounds
3:00 @ each station
3 Deadlifts (Build to a 3RM)
5-10 Strict Ring Dips / Dip Variation
*If you have the ability, do a strict muscle up to begin your set of dips

For Time:
Power clean 95, 125, 155, 185/65, 85, 105, 125
GHD situp/ med ball situp and toss
*1 Rope Climb to start the workout and finish each round (5 RC’s total)
(15 min time cap)

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