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Ballin OUT!!!!!!

Warm up: GW#1 Skill/Strength:

Strict Press 5x5 @70-75% of 1 RM 5x6 Ring Rows WOD:


Wall Balls 20/14 *Unbroken* You can rest between sets. If you are struggling to hit the target, maintain proper form below parallel or go unbroken, lower the weight of Med Ball. Each time you stop or drop the ball you have to restart the set you were working on.

Post Workout: Row 1K cool down

Get some!!!!!!!

Running In Circles???

Do you ever feel like a lack of endurance has you running in circles? Ever wish you could find a way to  efficiently maintain intensity over a longer time domain? Well...we have the solution to your cardiopulmonary conundrum! CrossFit Cadre will be hosting Kirsten Beverly, of KB Endurance, this Saturday, April 6th at 2:00 p.m.



KB Endurance has an endurance seminar series with one goal in mind-- developing sustainable intensity. Sustainable intensity is more commonly known to athletes as endurance training. The difference between traditional endurance training and KB Endurance's Sustainable Intensity programs is the restructured focus on technique, intensity and volume. Traditional running programs have you build mileage first and once you have progressed to a more advanced training program integrates speed and technique. By reversing the training model, KB Endurance is able to develop your technique to increase your power, speed and ultimately endurance.

So if you are planning on attending please email Kirsten at She'll be happy to answer any and all questions. So wear your WOD gear and we'll see you there!!!

Who's in for Saturday???

We need an idea of who's coming to eat at Cadre this Saturday night. We want to make sure that we cook enough food for you carnivorous CrossFitters. Please email with the number of you planning on attending. Thank you so very much! Look forward to seeing you there!!!!

What next???'re now part of the Cadre community. You've seen the amazing benefits of functional fitness. Your clothes fit you differently and you are seeing muscles you didn't know you had! How could this get any better??? about this.... 1) Saturday, March 23rd, Cadre is hosting a 1 hour Olympic Lifting class beginning at 1:00 p.m. The class will consist of systematic, didactic group training, centered on improving your barbell prowess. Our goal is to provide our athletes with a continuing opportunity to hone their skills EVERY Saturday from here on out! Classes are $10/session.

2) Later, that same Saturday, we are hosting a gathering for our athletes and families. Join us beginning at 5:00 p.m. for fun, food and conversation. Several types of meat will be provided. Feel free to bring a dish and beverage of choice. Should be fun!

3) Sunday, March 24th, we'll make it a "trifecta" for the ages!!! Physical Therapist Nick Sanders will provide a free "Movement Screening" for CrossFitters. The aforementioned FREE seminar will transpire 2:00-3:00 p.m. Nick will review the the benefits of a SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) and how it can improve your functional fitness. Nick will also expound on manual therapy and trigger point dry needling. The seminar is limited to 30 participants. Contact Nick at 440-498-9723 or to reserve your spot today.

1/31..."Body weight Bonanza"

Warm up:TC Skill/Strength:

  • 15-20 Mins of Gymnastics work (kipping pull-ups,rope climbs,HS, HSPU, HS walks, Planks, muscle ups etc)


5 Rounds

  • 6 HSPU or 20 sec HS Hold
  • 12 ABMAT sit-ups
  • 18 Walking lunges

After each round 20 Sec Plank Hold



Warm up: 3 Rnd: 20 sec situps 20 sec pushups 20 sec air squats

MOB: hip extension, and shoulder ROM



  • Squat snatch mechanics
  • 10-15 Mins to build up to weight for WOD



  • ODD# - 3 Squat snatches @ 70-75% of 1RM (Scale: Power snatch to OHS)
  • EVEN#- 10 Burpees
Posers' Welcome

Good news!!!! Yoga is back at Cadre! Starting Saturday, February 2nd, we will be hosting Yoga from 10:45 until 12:00. We are excited to offer an enthusiastic trio of committed instructors that will take your Yoga skills to "a whole nutha level!" There are a few ways to pay for classes. Previously purchased Yoga punch cards will be honored. Athletes also have a choice of paying $30.00 for 4 sessions/month or $10.00 drop in per session. So come in, get centered and work on that fluid flexibility. Your body will thank you for it!

Wear 'em if you got 'em

Last minute but that's how things go down some times. If you're feeling festive and in the spirit of Halloween....wear the costume of your choice Saturday! Remember you want to wear something that you can move in:) The staff at Cadre still have fond memories of Jason Baliman running and doing pull ups in "Hammer Pants"!!! Try to stay serious about a WOD with THAT going on in front of you!!!!

"Kids these days...the entire LOT!"

Hello parents! Again we find ourselves making adjustments to the CrossFit Kids classes. No worries! We are a work in progress. As of now, CF Kids Classes will be consolidated to Thursday nights until further notice. Thank you for your patience while we continue to tweak and adjust the format. In other news, we are excited to announce "operation pothole" has been authorized and should commence soon. What???? The parking lot has ascended to the top of the landlords priority list! While on the "HOLE" we think this is a fantastic idea, we can't begin to express how excited we are!!!

What's this mean for you besides less hazards while running??? It means that depending on the day, you may have to utilize the BACK of the building (which is actually the front) to park and enter in the FRONT of the building (which seems to be situated in the back)????

Since we totally cleared that one up for you...just be aware that you may have to park elsewhere to accommodate the parking lot repairs. We know that the place looks different just about every time you come in. We are tailoring Cadre to better meet your needs. Thank you for your patience while we continue to make changes to better serve you. This place just keeps getting better and better!!!!

On Any Given Sunday...OR...Next Sunday

Wow! What a great time we had hosting Chelsea Kyle for our OLY sessions this past Sunday!!!! Thank you to all of the athletes that attended and worked so diligently. We had such rave reviews...we're going to do an ENCORE!!!!! Next Sunday, October 21st, we're offering more of the same!!! 12:00 will consist of a beginner session and 13:00 will be for more experienced OLY lifters. The maximum amount of participants will be 8 athletes per session. The only change to the upcoming sessions will be a $10.00/athlete fee. As you already know, Chelsea hails from Sandusky (about a 1:30 drive). Although we wish we could get her to offer her time and expertise for free...we realize her knowledge and experience are valuable.

Sessions will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. Please email or call/text 216-224-4440 to reserve your spot. The eventual goal will be to host OLY sessions every other Sunday. As demand grows, so will session offerings. So come in, attack those weaknesses, and have fun doing it!

Goody 2 Shoes

First thing's first. We couldn't be more proud of our athletes for taking the HRPU challenge head on! Way to crank those suckers out! We're guessing we'll be at 10,000 in half of the projected time! The addition of Band-it Fitness has really taken off and we are excited to see where it goes! Thank you for your patience with this process. Please continue to be kind and welcoming "ambassadors of fitness". If someone looks out of place, introduce yourself and point them in the right direction. There will be many Band-it patrons who are unaccustomed to the CrossFit box environment. The coaches have already increased their situational awareness and are asking our athletes to do the same. If you have ANY concerns or comments please bring them to your coach's attention. We'll have some "growing pains" in this process but nothing insurmountable. You are CrossFitters. You can handle anything!!!

As for this post...couldn't really think of a more appropriate title. As Fall is "a foot" and Winter (yes I said it out loud) "sneaks" in, we all need to be mindful of what we track in. To get to the "sole" of the matter...moisture such as rain and snow can leave you with wet "kicks". The aforementioned liquid residue can make the floors slick and most assuredly a "shoe in" for injury!

The staff at Cadre want to maintain a safe and dry surface for you to swell up or smash your next PR! Your sweat should be the only moisture that graces these floors:) What we are asking you to do is bring two sets of shoes. Wear a pair in the inclement weather and bring a set to get your WOD on. We do realize that this is no small "feet". Dragging an extra pair of shoes around takes and bit of effort and we apologize for that. Our hope is that this movement will gain "traction". Again, our goal is your well being and overall safety. We are in the process of building a few more benches and some coat racks to help organize the extra gear.

Thank you again for your adaptability as we develop and improve. As always, the continued growth and success of our athletes is our our primary goal. Keep working hard and attacking those WODs. Thinking of  posting a sign at the entrance that says "Welcome to CrossFit Cadre where athletes ARE role models!"

No Shirt? No Shoes??? Come on in!!!!!

Exciting news!!!!! The Reebok SWAG is here!!!! Getcha some!!!! Our new and improved Cadre Reebok Shirts arrived Friday. Men have a choice of Red Red shirts for now (Black shirts are on the way). Women have a choice between Red tees and Gray Racer-Back tanks. All of the shirts are a made of an extremely soft tri-blend material. Oh! we would be remiss if we didn't say that these shirts are EXTREMELY flattering!!!! As if the shirts weren't enough to get you goin...we kicked it up a notch with some Men's and Women's Reebok Nano 2.0 and Oly CrossFit Shoes! In true Cadre form there are some "funky fresh" colors along with a few more conservative tones. Check em out! All of these items are guaranteed to add more flare to your WOD AND your next PR!

Just "Kidding"...

Sorry for the last minute notice! In the chaos of school starting and some restructuring of CF Kids classes we need to cancel ALL CF Kids classes until after Labor Day. We apologize for the  sudden change of plans. We do have some welcome additions and a back to school special in mind for the month of September:) Please feel free to contact Jason with any concerns. Thank you in advance for understanding.

It ALL Comes Down To This...

In true CrossFit fashion the staff at Cadre have come up with a workout that typifies the spirit of the 4th of July. Said workout will be held one time and one time only this Wednesday at 0900. So show up a little early, hydrate, stretch and roll out. This one's gonna be a doozy!!!!

What you might see...

As you look around Cadre you might see trainers smiling, laughing and just plain ol' having a good time. Why are we so "jovial" you ask??? We realize that we have the most rewarding job coaching the most deserving athletes! If this past week is any indication of what the future holds we are in for a OUTSTANDING journey! Can't thank all of you enough for your drive, hard work and desire to improve your lives. We're excited to see what next week has in store!!!!