What I Love MOST About CrossFit

It’s not the coaches, although they are pretty freakin’ awesome.

It’s not the community, although it is pretty exceptional.

It’s not the programming and workouts, although they are pretty kick ass.

It’s not the competitions or the Open. although those are fun tests of fitness.

It’s not the Games athletes, although they are incredible to watch, exciting to follow on social media, and beautiful to stare at.

It’s not the facility, although Cadre specifically is one of the best I’ve seen across the U.S.

While I love all those things mentioned above about CrossFit, what I love MOST is how unlikely walks of life cross paths and become lifelong friends. How people from two very different upbringing and value systems, who normally outside of CrossFit would otherwise ignore (and maybe even hate) each other, suddenly realize that each is just as human as the next, and a whole new level of understanding, and even appreciation, develops.

I’ve seen a Christian pastor unexpectedly befriend a gay couple, and what once was his mission to “convert” gays back to “normal,” suddenly became an open door and open heart to the LGBT community at his church.

I’ve seen an extreme right wing and an extreme left wing put their differences aside, agree to disagree, and ended up becoming training and competition partners, to later become family friends.

I’ve seen the “shy, nerdy guy” get a date with the “Homecoming queen.”

I’ve seen moms who thought they had beef with each other at their kids’ school, suddenly become BFF’s.

I’ve seen people reunite with friends or family from the past that they hadn’t seen in years.

I’ve even seen a wife and girlfriend who found out about each other, dumped the jerk who thought he could get away with it, and did a partner competition together, to then later becoming each others’ Maid of Honor in their weddings.

I’ve seen a Muslim, Jew, Mormon, and a Christian go out for beers after the workout, and not a single word about religion was shared or argued.

Life is crazy. But, the beautiful thing about CrossFit is that no matter who you are, no matter where you come from, no matter what you’ve been through, no matter what you’re going through, and no matter where you are headed, it’s always there.

And, the community will provide you with amazing people from all walks of life.

Sometimes, it is easy to forget that our differences do NOT make us different in order to separate us, but rather to TEACH us, INSPIRE us, and help us GROW.

CrossFit helps us grow in more ways than we realize, including growing our perspectives, our hearts, and our circle of friends! ;-)

“It’s amazing the number of great people in my life that I wouldn’t have ever met if it wasn’t for CrossFit.”

Kara PurvesComment