We Ran In The Rain

Today at the 9:00am class, we had rain for the first half of class. When we started the Hero WOD “Badger” it was raining hard. That first 800m Run was WET!!

During warm ups, as we all stared out the windows at the raindrops, there were many moans and groans, and then finally someone asked, “So…What’s the substitute for running?!”

Without hesitation, I replied, “Suck it up! We’re still running in the rain!” Half joking, half serious. Full disclosure, though, even I need the extra push and motivation sometimes, so admittedly a big part of me was pushing them to run with me so that I would be more accountable (and much more likely) to run in the rain! Peer pressure at its finest! ;-)

Let’s be honest - NONE of us really WANTED to run in the rain, including me. However, all of us also knew that we could run in the rain, and unless the conditions became unsafe, we could get through it, wet and all.

I always tell my kids, “It builds character,” and while I say sarcastically, there is a lot of truth to it.

Running in the rain made us run faster. Surprise, surprise. We wanted to get out of the rain, so we ran faster than ever before. Which means, we more often than not, run at a pace convenient to us versus pushing just outside our comfort zones. Funny what a little rain will bring out in us…

Running in the rain made us work harder. You know that saying, “I never knew how strong I was until being strong was the only choice I had?” Yeah… Today was that kind of day! And, it was really, really cool to see in everyone today!

Running in the rain made us work in peace. There’s something cathartic about rain in a workout. We all worked so hard, and so quietly, and not a single complaint or excuse along the way. And yet none of us really realized it until afterwards. Even Coach Robby came up to me afterwards and said, “I was waiting for all the cuss words to come out of you today, but there was nothing!” Haha!

Running in the rain made us connect. Because we all decided to suck it up and suffer together in the wet conditions, it brought us a little bit closer together in the end. Yeah, yeah, I am getting a little cheesy here, I know, but gosh darn it, y’all, there’s a reason why so many of us do CrossFit and NOT globo gyms. The camaraderie is truly something special here, and today we got a little extra running in the rain together.

Running in the rain made each of us better. We each had our own take-away from today. And, we each learned something new about ourselves and each other. And, we added a notch to our tolerance for discomfort, because really that’s what it’s all about - Building up your tolerance to discomfort. Being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Now, this is NOT to say that you should run in the rain every day and force yourself into awful conditions. But, when an opportunity presents itself like it did today, take it.

“We are a community of people who have decided that mediocrity will no longer suffice.”

Kara PurvesComment