Personalized Programming & Training

We’ve mentioned this before, but I think it’s often overlooked and even severely underestimated in its usage. At Cadre, not only do we offer our group classes, buuut, we also do Personal Coaching. This includes personal training sessions and personalized programming, and these things look very different for each individual, but what they all have in common is high quality, athlete-specific coaching.

Currently, I am working with one client who just wants to focus on Olympic lifting right now. So, each of our one-on-one session focuses on the technique and drills for the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

I have another client who is rehabbing a torn hamstring, so I am programming specifically for her injury. I modify the WOD each day so that she can still be a part of the class and community, and then I include other accessory and strength sets that she can focus on while her hamstring recovers. Great opportunity for her to increase her upper body strength! ;-)

I had another client who just wanted one session, just one hour, to get help with his Double Unders.

Another client needed two weeks worth of travel WODs to keep him accountable and motivated while he had to be out of town for work. He sent me photos of the hotel gym, and from there I gave him short, but intense workouts he could squeeze in each morning before his meetings.

Someone else wanted to use my time to help them at their home, in their kitchen, to rummage through their pantry and refrigerator and throw away all their “crap.” It was a “purge.” We talked about their history of eating habits, family habits, emotional habits, and then wrote out a plan and a grocery list.

And, another client asked me to program additional work for them to increase their lifts. They didn’t want lifting to interfere with the daily programming, so they asked me to help increase their Deadlift, Back Squat, and Strict Press, while at the same time making it flow with Improvement Imminent’s program. So, that’s what we do. Usually, after the WOD, they will spend and extra 15-30 min on a specific set, just depending on the set that day.

And still, another client asked for a Pull Up (to eventually Muscle Up) Progression. So, much like the weightlifter, she stays after the WOD and does her homework.

All of our fine coaches offers these services, and they can be as little or as much as you want. Some clients just want a few sessions, some want just one month of programming, while others want on-going. It’s up to you. We can help in any way you need, just ask! :-)

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