The Miata

About four years ago at my old gym in CA I was sitting with some long-time members, and we were just talking about this and that.  And then, one of them shared a great story.  He was at a presentation one weekend, and the speaker asked the audience this question:

Say you were driving in a Miata, and suddenly you come to a bus stop with three people.  One is a long-time best friend who once saved your life long ago.  The other is an old woman who you can tell by looking at her doesn't have much longer to live.  And, the third person is the love of your life, and you know that if you two reconnected, your entire life would soar in a different direction.

Who do you choose to get into the car with you?

Your friend?

The old woman?

Or, the love of your life?

Now… Think carefully...

Take your time...

Have you picked one yet?

Who did you choose?

I picked the love of my life.  One CrossFitter chose the old woman, and the other two in our group also chose the love of their life.

And then, the story went on...

He proceeded to tell us that as many people tended to choose one person, there was one woman in the crowd who stood up and said...

"I would get out of the car, hug my friend, and then I'd give her the keys and tell her to drive the old woman to a Hospice, and I would stay with the love of my life at the bus stop."

Darn it!  Why didn't I think of that?!  

So often, we restrict ourselves.  We put limits, build boundaries, and keep ourselves inside the box.  We tell ourselves we can't do something because of x, y, and z.  We make up these bullsh** stories as to why we can't do things, or have things, or achieve things.

We start to believe our own lies and limitations.

How crazy to think that our worst enemy is actually our own self.

I see it allllllllll the time in CrossFit.  So many people tell me why they "can't" do CrossFit.  Or, CrossFitters telling me why they "can't" do something in the workout. This is why I personally hate the usage of “Scaled” and “Rx” in the WODs. THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER WAYS TO GET FIT.

When my friend was telling us that story and asked us the same question as the speaker, we all put those limitations on ourselves when we only chose one person to get in the car with us.  He never told us we couldn't get out of the car, or that we couldn't give the car to someone else, or anything like that.  He never gave us any kind of restrictions.  We just made that assumption and accepted that one person was our only option. Just as we assume and accept that “Scaled” and “Rx” are the only options in our workouts.

We did not think outside the box.

And, the funny thing is, as a CrossFit coach, I am constantly thinking outside the box in order to scale and modify the movements for individual needs and abilities.  So, it actually frustrated me that I "fell for the trick."

It made me realize, though, how much I actually restrict myself.  I'm so good at thinking for others, helping others, and showing them new and better ways, but when it comes to myself, I am still a work in progress, too.

So, my friends…

Get out of the Miata!

You DO have other choices. You always have choices. Truly the only limits are the ones you put onto yourself. So, let’s collectively think outside the box more, give each other permission to get fit in our ways, and start using more creativity and imagination!

Kara PurvesComment