Improvement Imminent Podcast

Alright, folks… You’ve known about the podcast for quite awhile now, but how many of you are ACTUALLY listening to it?! ;-)

It’s okay, I am just as guilty as many of you, and don’t listen to it nearly enough. So, let’s try to be better together. Each Sunday, I will recap the podcast, and strongly encourage y’all to listen to it, whether it’s done in your car during your work commute, each night before the workout, or even during your potty breaks. ;-)

MONDAY - Mystery WOD with running and other movements. If you have running shoes, bring ‘em! It’s going to be a short workout, ranging around 7-10 minutes for most. Then we have some extra credit work post-WOD.

TUESDAY - Strength with Strict Press, and then we have two 7-min AMRAP’s with 3:00 rest in between with Power Snatches, Front Squats & Deadlifts @ lightweight for intensity, followed by a 7 min AMRAP of Burpee Box Overs! Suck it up, buttercup! ;-)

WEDNESDAY - 20 min Alternating OTM: Odd Rds: 15-25 Wall Balls / Even Rds: 1-5 Muscle Ups -or- 3-5 of your variation.

THURSDAY - Strength with Back Squats, followed by Intervals on the Ski Erg

FRIDAY - Pressing, followed by Bear Complex & Rowing

You can listen to the full podcast here:

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