Progress is Progress is Progress

There is a common thing many of us do, including myself at times.

We minimize or downplay our progress and results. Especially if compared to someone else’s progress that is viewed as “exceptional,” we suddenly even belittle ourselves.

Some examples:

Johnny’s double unders are inconsistent and few and far between, but he’s been working on them pretty regularly, and then FINALLY he got a steady string of them in today’s workout. It’s the first time he’s ever been able to complete an entire WOD with double unders. Awesome PR!! At first, he’s stoked and shares his excitement. Then, he overhears a fellow member celebrate that he did all rounds unbroken, which is a PR for him. Johnny suddenly says, “Well, I mean, I had to do the dubs in like sets of 5’s still, so not great, or anything. I mean, I still have a lot of work to do, but at least I did the whole workout with them. But, yeah, looong way to go still.”

Susanna got her first strict pull up today. This has been an entire year in the making for her! Very big day! She’s beyond excited, of course, and rightfully so. But, then she sees Paul jump up and do 10 strict bar muscle ups. Her shoulders suddenly slouch and she says, “Geez, and here I was excited about ONE measly pull up. This guy just busted out 10 bar muscle ups like they were nothing.”

Larry PR’s his “Fran” time today by 1:35 with a final time of 6:15. He’s been consistently progressing throughout his journey. When he goes to post and share his PR on SugarWOD, though, he sees a handful of other guys whose times are sub 5:00. So, when Larry posts, he says, “Not the fastest time in the gym by any means, but at least it was still a PR for me. Lots more to improve on, though, before I can keep up with everyone else.”

Okay, so, are you seeing what these people are doing?! They’re not doing anything wrong or bad, either. Gosh, we are all humans with real feelings and egos and emotions.

But, I also want each and every one of you to allow yourself celebration! When you get a personal record, THAT is a big deal, and it should be exciting, and you should toot your own horn! You are a better version of yourself. You have been working hard, and you are getting rewarded for it. CELEBRATE!

Progress is progress.

Whether it’s your first double under or your 100th. Whether it’s a 4:23 or a 6:57 Fran time. Whether it’s a pull up or ring muscle up. Whether it’s a 12” or a 30” box jump.

Don’t ever minimize or belittle your progress. Ever. Be big. Take up space. Clap for yourself, gosh darn it.

We all come from such varying backgrounds, journeys, lifestyles, and experiences. Progress is not meant to be compared. Progress is simply a measurable sign that you are improving, and THAT is what matters!

So, the next time you get a PR, shout it out with pride and let us celebrate with you!

No minimizing. No explanations. No comparisons.

An unapologetic, super proud, well-earned shout out to yourself. :-)

Kara PurvesComment