02 Recovery Drink

we are excited to offer y’all yet another quality product in our gym to help you with post-WOD recovery. It’s called “O2” and it’s available in our gym fridge now! Here’s the scoop directly from O2’s website:

(Source: https://drinko2.com/)

“What you do after your workout is as important as the workout itself. O2 was born when a CrossFit® trainer and a medical doctor realized that there was no healthy "sports drink" that aided them in the crucial post-workout phase. So they created one themselves! Hello, O2!

It is intended to be consumed right after your daily workout, to help you recover faster. This is NOT an energy drink, or a performance drink. O2 is specifically designed as a sports recovery drink for the after – for when you’ve already crushed it and you’re ready to get back to you.

O2 is different from all of the other drinks out there, because it’s an oxygenated drink (NOT carbonated), which helps your body recover from the stresses of a grueling workout (whatever you might do to get your sweat on) faster. Plus, they’re non-GMO, have caffeine from green coffee beans (if you need that boost), no artificial ingredients, and an electrolyte profile modeled after an IV – so you can feel primed, energized, and actively rejuvenated. The pure oxygen in O2 (7x that of typical water) helps you recover faster by increasing the oxygen saturation of your liver's blood supply, increasing the oxygen flowing through the portal venous system in your stomach. This means your liver has extra power to process and clear toxins.

Here’s the science behind it all:


The science behind O2 isn’t about aiding your athletic performance in the moment – so O2 won’t help you run faster, breathe deeper, or jump higher. It’s about helping you recover faster.

The pure oxygen in O2 (7x that of tap water) helps your body process toxins and recover faster, so you can get back to your best self, even quicker.

In fact, studies have shown up to a 60% increase in the rate you process toxins by consuming oxygenated liquids. That's real recovery for real performance.


Electrolytes help your body absorb water, allowing you to hydrate more effectively – which is why most sports drinks have them. O2 has 2.5x more electrolytes than other sports drinks and is modeled after the electrolyte ratio of an IV drip.

Fun fact: the volume inside a can of O2 is modeled off that same 500cc IV bag, which is roughly equivalent to a 16oz can of O2.

Another fun fact: all this without any of the excess sugar and artificial ingredients of those other drinks. Plus, O2 tastes amazing, so there's that.

CAFFEINE (When You Need It)

Caffeine does more than give you an energy boost: it also offers numerous cardiovascular and nervous system benefits, helping burn fat and recover faster.

O2 uses only natural caffeine from green coffee beans to give you the caffeine kick of about 1.5 cups of coffee, without the spike and the crash associated with synthetic caffeine.

And, if caffeine isn’t for you or you don’t want it after 4pm: we offer caffeine-free flavors as well that are just as good and effective for those evening workouts. 


We believe in clean ingredients without compromises, which starts with what we put in each can of O2. O2 is the only certified Non-GMO sports recovery drink on the market today, which means there are no artificial ingredients or preservatives in anything we make.

We source our ingredients only from the highest quality, most reputable suppliers to ensure we uphold the high expectations that our customers have come to expect of from O2.

Nothing artificial, no gimmicks, no bull. Just clean, refreshing products you can feel good about putting in your body.”

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