Hammering Out Suicide

On Saturday, October 5th at The Train Station Fitness in Youngstown, there will be an event to “Hammer Out Suicide” Memorial Workout in association with the “Teegan Kamzelski Humanitarian Initiative’s Strides Against Suicide.”

There will be a PARTNER WOD @ 9:00am
“TEEG” in memory of Teegan Kamzelski
1,000m Row
40 Deadlifts @ 225/135
30 Pull Ups
800m Run
30 Pull ups
40 Deadlifts
1,000m Row

PARTNERS: Male-Male & Female-Female
DIVISIONS: RX, Intermediate & Scaled

FREE T-SHIRT if you register by September 13th!

There will also be a 5K & 10K Run/Walk @ 8:00am
All are welcome. Run, walk, skip, hop, crawl, etc. Just come join us!

Aaand, our one and only Jason Welch has generously donated a Concept 2 Rower to be raffled off at the event!! There will also be a 50/50 Raffle, Basket Raffle, & Bake Sale!
RAFFLE TICKETS ARE SEPARATE & NOT INCLUDED IN REGISTRATION - Please purchase Raffle Tickets at the event. All can participate in the raffles, and can buy as many tickets as possible. Raffle participants do NOT have to participate in the WOD or the Run/Walk events.

All proceeds will go towards:
50% Akron Children’s Hospital - Dept of Psychiatry & Psychology
50% American Suicide Prevention Foundation





I wanted to share with y’all Teegan’s father’s initial post when we started this organization. I think it’s important to share our stories, because at the end of the day, they’re all we have. Please read…

THIS CALL!.... This call right here is the call I hope no one ever has to receive. I recall so vividly the events of that day. I was preparing for our family gathering to celebrate my mother’s birthday and a late Mother’s Day. I was turning a tenderloin on the spit. Was planned to be a great day with all of us together. I get a call from my mother around 2:30 she is worried. Hasn’t heard from Teegan all day. I ease her mind by saying he is probably driving here. Don’t worry. I tell her I will call him. I call Teegan at 2:35pm.... his phone goes to VM. I wait 5 min and text him..... by 2:45 no return text or call. I call him again with no answer. I didn’t know it at that time but as I replay my message to him on his VM in my mind, I myself am now worried. Thinking is he stuck in traffic, forgot his phone, was he in an accident? All kinds of things running through my mind because it wasn’t like him to not answer me. Sometimes a father just knows. I’m becoming increasingly worried at this point . I hear my phone ringing but my hands are full. By the time I picked it up I missed the call. But I remember saying thank you god! He is ok. That was at 3:06pm, I called back at 3:07 but he did not answer. 5 min go by and at 3:12pm he called or .....so I thought he was calling. I picked up the phone and said these exact words “ hey buddy, you are running a little late, are you almost here?”

The voice on Teegan’s phone unfortunately was not his! ........ <LONG PAUSE with A SEA FULL OF TEARS>..... it was the Cuyahoga County coroners office. I remember the officer on the phone asking me my name and if I was Teegan’s father. I believe I went silent in a dazed state because he repeated the same questions twice. I fell to my knees. I felt a wave of disbelief, darkness and the most awful gut wrenching feeling of sadness and doom come over me as the garage went black. I remember hearing the officer tell me that Teegan was found passed away by a group of hikers from a self inflicted gun shot wound at Buttermilk Falls (his self described most peaceful place on earth). For the next few moments I was so distraught between screaming and crying, I kept repeatedly saying NO! NO! NO! Over and over again. It was a tremendously terrible ordeal to wrap my brain around. I was short of breath as if I had just been punched by some unbearable force. The feeling is truly indescribable and one I never want to experience again

The moments spent with Teegan leading up to that night was filled with him and I doing nothing but joking, goofing off and harassing one another. Laughing, working, talking and enjoying life...... telling stories, discussing his goals in life and views on life and I tell you, Teegan was full of energy and loved living life. Which is why I still remain perplexed and in a state of repetitive questioning of why he chose his final path in the manner of suicide. I knew Teegan and his dreams, goals and passions. It is the main reason I keep asking myself why this path Teegan? A question I will never know the answer to.

Why am I opening up and reliving this. ..... so others hopefully do not have to. I have never had the feeling of extreme darkness and sadness to the point where I thought I needed to end my life. I have never had that feeling of being in so much pain or emotional turmoil that I wanted it to end. So I just can’t understand it. If I was ever close, it was at that minute one year ago at 3:12pm on May 28, 2017 but it still just never crossed my mind. Despite the struggle, I have chosen to accept his bad decision with reflection, frequent grieving and periods of just plain good old anger towards him to help comfort my soul. So far it has helped. I hope to have his foundation in full swing soon which will be a blessing for many.

Folks, the only thing suicide does is push the emotional pain one has onto others that love you. It’s not a solution. Please pay attention to details of your loved ones and recognize symptoms that need treatment. Yes, they are sometimes subtle and difficult to detect but remember to talk openly if someone you know is down on their luck or growing increasingly saddened. Please today help keep Teegan’s spirit alive. Join me in celebrating Teegan’s life one year new in Heaven above. Love and peace to all and god bless ❤️.

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Teegan, not one minute of one day goes by without having you in my thoughts. I love you son. 
For you Teegan #PBRme @ Cuyahoga Valley National Park

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