The Beauty (& Torture) of The EMOM

Today, we did “Chelsea,” which is a 30 min EMOM of 5 Pull ups, 10 Push ups & 15 Air Squats. The goal is to complete one round of Chelsea within the one minute each round. So, yeah, 30 rounds total. Yum! ;-)

While a part of me really despises workout like these, I actually love them more!

EMOM’s like “Chelsea” force us to be honest with ourselves and our progress. It shoves that big piece of humble pie in to our faces. There is no hiding.

Today, I was forced to face the hard truth that I have way more pulling power than I do pushing power. This is nothing new to me, though. I’ve always known that. It’s why I LOVE workouts with pull ups and cleans, and absolutely HATE wall balls, push ups, and dips. But, I only hate them because I struggle a lot with them. They are really hard for me to get through.

In other words, I NEED TO WORK ON THEM MORE!!

“Chelsea” reminded me of this today. Thanks, Chelsea… I think…

What I also love about EMOMs is how it exposes our workout habits and pacing methods. When I start to fall apart in push ups, I slow down significantly. However, in an AMRAP-style setting, I slow down even more, mostly because I can. Whereas in an EMOM-style setting, you are forced to finish within the minute, which makes you challenge your previous pacing methods.

I realized today that I probably pace too much in high volume push ups, and while, yes, I struggle, and yes, I have to break them up into small sets, like 2-3’s, and sometimes even singles, I CAN still move relatively quickly. I don’t actually need to rest as much as I do in an AMRAP.

Had “Chelsea” been a 30 min AMRAP, I probably would have done 19 or 20 rounds. But, since I did it EMOM-style, I finished 23 rounds.

So, pay attention to your EMOM’s.

What are they telling you?!

Kara PurvesComment