Open Gym Hours & Expectations

So, as many of you heard in our Town Hall Meeting, we have NEW Open Gym hours every SUNDAY after Yoga Class from 10:30am - 12:00pm.

You may NOT under any circumstances come in during Yoga Class and do any form of working out (other than the actual Yoga Class), as it would be too disruptive and distraction to the class. Thank you for understanding and respecting the Yoga Class’ time.

You can, however, come and do Open Gym during ANY regular CrossFit and RIIPT class time during the week. Please understand that the class has first priority to everything in the gym, though, soooo… If the WOD has rowing in it and it’s a full class, but you wanted to do some rowing too, well unfortunately you will have to modify your workout so that the class can have all the rowers. The class also has first priority to space, so, again, if it happens to be a full house and every corner of the gym is filled, you may have to modify your workout to a running WOD or something that keeps you out of the way of class. These scenarios are highly unlikely, but probable,so we just want to make sure we are all on the same page.

And, as always, you are expected to clean up all of the equipment you used when you are done with your Open Gym time. This includes scrubbing the barbell, wiping down the rower, bike, ski erg, medicine ball, etc and putting everything back in its rightful place.

Thank you for continuing to respect the gym, equipment, and each other! Teamwork makes the dream work! Everything is awesome! Everything is awesome when you’re a part of a team! ;-)

Kara PurvesComment