CrossFit Acronyms & Terms To Know

In case any of you needed a cheat sheet for CrossFit acronyms and terms, here ya go:

AMRAP - Stands for “As Many Reps As Possible” within a give time frame, or until failure.

BOX - The name CrossFitters use to refer to the gym, “I’ll see you tomorrow at the Cadre box!”

BJ - Box Jumps

BMU - Bar Muscle Up

BP - Bench Press

BS - Back Squat

BW - Bodyweight

CHIPPER – A WOD that consists of a series of movements that are not repeated. In addition, the athlete must complete all of the reps for the exercise before moving on to the next. One of the classic chippers in CrossFit is the “Filthy Fifty”

C&J - Clean & Jerk

C2B - Chest-to-Bar Pull ups

DL - Deadlift

DU - Double Unders

EMOM - Every Minute, On the Minute / However, most coaches today now use OTM - On The Minute. They both mean the same thing, though. At the top of every minute, you complete the required reps within that minute, and rest in the time remaining.

FIREBREATHER - An extremely fit athlete, “Coach JonMichael is a firebreather!” ;-)

FS - Front Squat

GHD - Glute-Ham Developer

THE GIRLS - Several CF Benchmark WODs are named after women. “Fran” is one of the most popular ones. To familiarize yourself with The Girls better, check this out:

HSPU - Handstand Push Ups

HS - Handstand

HEROES - Just like the Girls WODs, there are several benchmark WODs names after fallen heroes. You can check them out here:

KBS - Kettlebell Swings

K2E - Knees-to-Elbows

ME - Max Effort

METCON - Short for Metabolic Conditioning, which is a short, high intensity workout

MU - Muscle Up

OHS - Overhead Squats

OHWL - Overhead Walking Lunges

PC - Power Clean

PR - Personal Record - Every time you beat your previous best score.

PS - Power Snatch

PU - Pull up -OR- Push up

RC - Rope Climbs

RX - “As Prescribed” in CrossFit, meaning, you completed the workout as it is written without changing any of the reps or weights

SDLHP - Sumo Deadlift High Pull

S2OH - Shoulder to Overhead

SN - Snatch

SQ - Squat

TABATA - High intensity interval training consisting of 8 Rds of 20 sec max effort, and 10 sec rest

TGU - Turkish Get Up

T2B - Toes-to-Bar

WB - Wall Balls

WOD - “Workout of the Day”

Here’s a great list of common CrossFit movements, too:

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