Hand Protectors: How-To & Which Ones

Tonight, I just wanted to share a few different YouTube videos for y’all to check out on your own time. There are many ways to protect your hands during our workouts, especially when it’s high volume gymnastics. You can either make your own hand protectors with athletic tape, or buy the fancy ones out there.

Personally, I don’t use any hand protectors, because I hate not being able to feel the bar, so I have really ugly palms, and I diligently shave my calluses. Hand Modeling days are over… Haha! ;-)

However, those of you who are looking for ways to protect your hands, check out these videos, and hopefully one of them will be of use to you. Happy Training!

How to Make Hand Protectors with Athletic Tape:


Full Hand Protectors:


How to Hook Grip and How to Tape the Thumb:


Hand Protectors Reviews for CrossFitters:


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