Don't Forget to Live

As we sweat and work our butts off at Cadre, and while we push through our comfort zones and build healthy habits, I want y’all to remember to LIVE you life, too.

Yes, eating mostly real food, like lean meats, vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, etc are super important, and will do wondrous things for your body and brain, DON’T FORGET TO EAT CAKE.

Have a big slice from time to time. And, heck, once a year, eat an entire cake by yourself. My personal fave is Princess Cake. If you don’t know what it is, check this out: And, YES, I have eaten an ENTIRE one by myself once before on my birthday! Totally worth it. ;-) But, if cake ain’t your thang, by all means, please enjoy your fave treat on occasion, because life is short and worth celebrating anytime!

And, yes, working out consistently and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone is necessary for results, DON’T FORGET TO PLAY (and rest).

Especially the sports and activities you grew up with and enjoy! After doing CrossFit for 5 years, I joined a rec volleyball league for fun (I played in middle and high school), and it was SO fun to get back into an old sport I loved so much. Plus, thanks to CrossFit, I was actually pretty awesome still despite not having had played in over 10 years!

Do other things outside of CrossFit - Put that fitness to LIVING LIFE! ;-)

Aaaaaand, just as important, DON’T FORGET TO REST. When you are on vacation, it IS okay to actually rest and NOT do any CrossFit or Hotel WOD. Trust me, you won’t “lose it all” if you enjoy your vacay!

Lastly, while surrounding ourselves with others of similar lifestyles and fitness regimes (aka our Cadre Community) is important, DON’T FORGET TO SOCIALIZE OUTSIDE OF CROSSFIT.

While 95% of my friends are in fact CrossFitters, I do have some that don’t do it, don’t care, and never will, and it’s actually nice. They remind me that there are a million others things to do and talk about than just CrossFit, nutrition, and fitness in general. They keep me balanced in life.

Bottom line - Work hard, but don’t forget to LIVE YOUR LIFE, because after all, that is WHY we do this stuff called CrossFit. ;-)

Kara PurvesComment