Keep Your Routine

First, here’s the recipe for my Frittata that I made yesterday, and enjoyed this morning:

You can use any ingredients you want in yours. I did sweet potatoes, bacon, red onion, and spinach. Nom!!

So, today I showed up to the 9:00am Class, and although I did NOT workout with class or do any sort of workout, I DID show up. I gently rode the AirDyne for about 10 minutes, and then I stretched and moved around a bit.

It felt good walking into the gym, even though I knew I couldn’t workout. Just seeing everyone’s happy, familiar smiles was comforting. I swear the gym has a breath of fresh air that can’t be described in words. With one inhale, I felt better. I was glad I showed up today. And, I’m going to keep showing up.

There’s something magical about keeping your routines that are important to you while you recover. Whether it’s recovery from an injury, surgery, divorce, loss of a loved one, break up, lost job, or the like.

Life will always throw us curveballs and grenades. But, it will also reward us if we keep going.

The gym is my sanctuary. My sanity. My routine self-care.

And, after many, many years, I have learned to get out of my own way at times, and I know that no matter what is going on in my life, I can always go to the gym. Even with my hurt back.

I won’t be able to workout, per se, but I can still show up and be a part of my team, and keep my routine going. Part of the reason why I’ve fluctuated so much in the past is because events like this used to derail me completely. I’d stop showing up to the gym. First, it was to recover. But, then one week became two. Two weeks became one month. One month became a year…

Sometimes, life can really suck. And, that’s okay. We can still show up to the gym.

You can totally sit with us! Anytime!

Show up. Use whatever you have right now, in whatever capacity you can. It’s good enough. You are good enough.

Keep your routine. Keep your life going.

Kara PurvesComment