Eat Me

So, given my current situation with my low-back, I am focusing on my nutrition and “cleaning it up.” Admittedly, I have slipped down the slippery slope of parenthood in which I have allowed my children to lead the eating habits, and therefore I’ve been surviving on mini pancakes, spaghetti, chicken nuggets, mac & cheese, smiley face taters, chicken Top Ramen, hot dogs, watermelon, and Otter pops.

I am constantly tired and worn out, and I believe a big part of that is my current “kids” diet that I am allowing to take over in our household.

So, since I can’t workout right now, I have to put my energy towards something else. And, because I don’t want to gain any weight and lose any of my hard work, I need to make my diet ON-POINT!!! ;-)

Today, I started the “Whole30” which is very similar to “Paleo.” In a nutshell, the Whole30 requires you to eliminate ALL foods that typically trigger food sensitivities, cravings, disrupted hormones, poor sleep, mood swings, and so on. You can eat all meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, fish, eggs, and oils. You canNOT have any dairy, sugars, alcohol, legumes, additives, grains, and desserts of any kind (even Paleo-approved).

It’s not meant to punish or torture you, even though it can feel that way. Haha! It IS meant to give yourself a “restart,” if you will. A “clean slate,” and then slowly, one by one, you can reintroduce the restricted items to see how your body reacts to it.

Because I’ve done these things before, though, I am doing my own version of Whole30 and Paleo-ish.

I’m giving up my coffee, even though it’s allowed in Whole30 and Paleo. I want to see how caffeine effects me, though. Instead of eliminating, though, I am replacing with mint and chamomile teas. I’m focusing on a lot more vegetables and lean meats, and more variety, too. I’m drinking A LOT more water! And, no more pastas, breads, rice, and fried foods of any kind (This has been the biggest issue for me).

Tonight, I made a “Garlic Lime Shrimp with Cauliflower Puree” but I was lazy with the cauliflower.

Here’s the recipe:

I bought cauliflower already chopped up into bits for cauliflower rice and just kept it as such. The dish was still delicious, but the texture was off with the cauliflower rice - It would have been much better had I pureed it into a mashed potato-like consistency. Mental note taken! ;-)

I have an awesome Frittata waiting for me in the fridge for tomorrow morning!

I’ll share the recipe tomorrow. :-)

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