FREE RAFFLE this Sat at Town Hall

We’re having a FREE RAFFLE this Saturday, July 20 at our Town Hall Meeting! All you have to do is show up for the meeting, and you’ll automatically be entered to win a One-Hour Private Session with Coach Kara.

Don’t think you need or want a private sessions?! Consider this…

Private Sessions are NOT what we may typically think of. They are NOT for rich people only. They are NOT for elite athletes only. They are NOT for competitive athletes only. They are NOT over-the-top extreme intensity-filled mess-you-up kind of sessions.

They ARE for anyone and everyone, any age, any stage of life.

Whether you’re coming back from a shoulder surgery, starting off brand new to CrossFit, or have been doing CrossFit for 10 years, there is ALWAYS something we can work on in a private session. They ARE a great investment in yourself and your goals and needs. They ARE the best way to breakdown a movement and really learn how to do something correctly. They ARE invaluable and can give you specific tools and focus for your specific stage of life.

Coach Kara has worked one-on-one with clients for over 10 years, and specifically her last two years of owning an affiliate in California were executed with a “Coach For Life” focus, meaning every single member had ongoing private sessions with Kara, in addition to regular Unlimited classes. Some members did once a week ongoing, others did every other week, some once a month, and a few were every 2 or 3-months, but there was always communication and collaboration. Some members focused more on Olympic lifts with Coach Kara, others focused on getting their first pull up or muscle up, some wanted to start local competitions, and others wanted to lose weight, focus on nutrition, lower their cholesterol, or beat their Diabetes Type II. She’s worked with pregnant and postpartum moms, senior citizens trying to maintain independence, and heavy lifters preparing for a Strongman event.

So… If you get to be the lucky winner of our RAFFLE this Saturday at the end of our Town Hall Meeting, you’ll get a small taste of what can level you up in your life! ;-)

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