Try It Like a Baby

I just sat here with my 10-month old and watched her try to crawl over a small pillow on the floor of our living room. She got her arms over it, no problem, but then when she tried to get her right leg over, her cute chunky thigh didn’t make it. Her right leg kept trying, over and over again. It was like watching an Instagram Boomerang video.

She probably tried to get that leg over that pillow at least 20 times until she stopped and tried again with the left leg. Still no success. Again, she probably tried at least 20 times until she stopped. She reassessed. She then backed up and brought her arms back to the other side and sat up. She stared at the little pillow for a moment, and then suddenly she grabbed it and tossed it aside, out of her way. Then, she crawled in the direction she was trying to go in the first place, this time with no pillow in her way.

I was amazed and entertained. Not only did my daughter problem-solve her situation, but she did so calmly and without any discouragement. The fact that she tried a bunch of times each leg, with just as much enthusiasm and energy, and then instead of crying for me, she just re-set herself and fixed the problem at-hand, it blows my mind.

It’s also a reminder to all of us adults that babies and kids actually got it right, and we have it wrong.

Imagine if we tried to learn how to Snatch with the same level of unfazed willingness as my 10-month old.

Let’s be honest - As we get older, we get harder and harder to coach and learn new things. Not intentionally, of course, but we get set in our ways, and after many, many scars throughout life, we learn to also protect ourselves.

So, pay attention to yourself in class. Are you going in with a baby’s unabashed enthusiasm?! Or, an old, dusty attitude?!

Try it like a baby. ;-)

Kara PurvesComment