Crock Pot Bacon Kalua Pork with Cabbage

I made this yesterday for dinner, and it was amazing! Definitely a keeper in my kitchen! :-)


Pork Shoulder
Liquid Smoke
Cauliflower Rice
Salt & Pepper


For best results, start this in the morning so you can let this slow cook on low or 10-12 hours! However, you can do this on high for 6 hours, and it’s still delicious, but not as “peel-apart” amazing as a 12 hour cook!

Chop up bacon into desired bits. I did bacon cubes - Stack of 4 slices, and cut one inch blocks. Cover the entire base of the crockpot with the bacon pieces. Then, place pork shoulder on top of the bacon. Dice fresh garlic and spread over the pork. I love garlic, so I did a lot, but you can do as much or as little as you’d like. Drizzle the liquid smoke over the pork, about one to two tablespoons. Add salt and pepper as desired. Seal and allow to slow cook.

About two hours before the finish time, I add in chopped up cabbage.

For the cauliflower rice, I use about one tablespoon of ghee on the pan, then about 6 cups of cauliflower chopped up into a rice-like texture. I also add fresh garlic, salt, and pepper. Pay attention and don’t leave this on the stove - Constant movement on the pan so it doesn’t burn. Just keep cooking until the “rice” is at your desired texture - I like mine super soft like steamed rice. Usually takes about 10-15 minutes.

Once everything is done, plate the pork, bacon, cabbage, and rice together and ENJOY! :-)

Kara PurvesComment