The Day That Counts The Most

Consistency is obviously key to success and results. We already know this.

But, there are some days that are even more important than any other days to show up to the gym.

One of those more important days is THE DAY YOU DON’T WANT TO SHOW UP. The day you hate yourself, hate life, hate others, hate everything. The day you’re too tired, too depressed, too fed up, too annoyed.

The day you want to quit.

That is the day you NEED to show up most.

Even if you end up just biking an easy 5k during the class, then so be it. You still showed up.

And, here’s the thing, folks. You are NOT showing up for the others. You’re NOT showing up for your coach. You’re NOT showing up for your BFF. You’re not even showing up for your significant other, your kids, or any other family members or closest friends.

Nope. You are showing up for YOU!

You are telling yourself that you are worth fighting for.

You’re telling yourself that you still believe in yourself, even at your lowest low.

You’re saying, “I love you” to yourself.

You are being your own hero.

Show up for yourself, especially when you need it most.

Just show up.

Kara PurvesComment