Are You Following Us on Social Media?!

Did you know that we have a Facebook and Instagram page?! ;-)

We also have a Private Facebook Group specifically for Cadre members where we discuss all things health and fitness, share resources and ideas, give shout outs, post pictures, etc. If you’re not a part of it, let us know and we’ll add you in!

On our Facebook and Instagram pages, we post a lot of content, mostly motivational and shout outs, but also a lot of quick tips, coaching cues, upcoming events, and helpful resources. Be sure to “Like” us and Follow for all of our great posts, and always be in the know! ;-)

Aaaaaaand, don’t forget about Coach JonMichael & Coach Phil’s “Improvement Imminent” Instagram page and Podcast that they post every Sunday and Wednesday!

So much fitness to share! :-)

Kara PurvesComment