Celebrate Yourself

I was thinking today as I was suffering through my own birthday workout that, like, this needs to be more a thing we all do for ourselves! ;-)

Every year, I program my own birthday workout as an AMRAP with 10 of my favorite movements at the reps of my age. So, this year was a 39 min AMRAP with 39 reps of each movement, from power cleans to pull ups, double unders to sit ups. That’s my birthday tradition, and I’ll continue to do it until the day I die.

I encourage all of you to celebrate your special day with a birthday workout. It could either be your favorite benchmark, maybe it’s a Hero or Girl WOD, or a specific workout from the gym.

Or, maybe you want to program your own workout - Maybe you like “For Time,” or an EMOM, an AMRAP, or maybe even Intervals… Or, maybe a “Death By.” Heck, you could even make it a heavy lifting day! Sooo many options!

Then, put in your favorite movements - The ones you love, the ones you can do well, the ones that bring you joy!

Lastly, recruit some friends to sweat and celebrate with you! ;-)

Celebrate YOU! Let’s make this a thing!

Happy Birthday to youuuuu - I can’t wait to see what your birthday WOD will be…

Kara PurvesComment