Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day to all of you men out there who have stepped up to the plate, whether biological, step, or foster!

We love you for your epic dad jokes that embarrass us, your ugly Crocs and moccasins slippers, your adamant determination to fix everything yourself rather than hire a professional, your uncanny ability to find our destinations despite multiple detours and “scenic routes,” and for always giving us piggyback rides.

We also love you for making us feel safe and secure. For killing all the spiders, fixing all the light bulbs, adjusting all the thermostats, kissing all the boo-boos, and chasing all the monsters away.

Thank you for showing your daughters how a man should treat this significant other by treating her and her mother with love and respect. Thank you for showing your sons how to balance masculinity with humility and grace.

You are a daughter’s first love, and a son’s first hero.

We love you, dads!


Kara PurvesComment