Older, Fitter, & A Little Wiser

As my 39th birthday approaches next week, I can’t help but feel that pressure so many of us feel as we get older. 40 is just around the corner, and I can still vividly remember my parent’s going to their friends’ 40th parties and they always had decorations that said, “Over The Hill.”

Now, I AM my parents. ;-)

When I was in my mid and late 20’s coaching other adults, I always laughed and rolled my eyes at my older athletes when they whined and complained about being sore, tired, achy, and just, well, “old.”

Today, though, I get it. And while I don’t feel “old” yet, I do understand now what it feels like to “get older.”

I can’t just jump into a workout anymore. I will legit get hurt. I will inevitably pull a muscle or tweak my back. I have to warm up for real, and more times than not, I do a mini workout before the actual workout. It just takes me longer to get ready these days.

I also need to recover. I need to do an easy row, easy bike, or even just a walk after the workout. I can’t just walk in, crush it, and then walk out like I used to.

I also don’t recover as quickly, nor do I bounce back as well from any injuries or setbacks. My body is just slower, older, and that’s okay. Instead of fighting it or denying it, I gotta embrace it and adapt accordingly to keep going.

I’ve always found it amusing how many of us fear death and try to cheat it. We get one guarantee in life - We are going to die. Everything else is chance and circumstance, so just enjoy the ride while you can, my friends!

I’ve also always found it funny how many of us hate getting older, and we hate to admit how old we are. Like, as if being 45, or 56, or 73 are “bad.” I’ve known people who are embarrassed by their age. Others who dread the thought of how old they actually are.

Getting older is an incredible BLESSING, because it means you’ve been allowed to live more! I think the problem many encounter as they get older, though, is that they didn’t take care of themselves as much as they should have. THAT’S when getting older can, well… suck.

We are at an advantage here at Cadre, my friends. As long as we stick to the game plan here, which, in case you didn’t already know, is to achieve and maintain LIFELONG, SUSTAINABLE FUNCTIONAL FITNESS, then we will better embrace getting older, and be really good at it! Yes, we could actually redefine “aging,” and be the first generation to BRAG about how old we are! ;-)

I think back to how my parents’ generation greeted their 40’s (With great disdain, denial, hard liquor, and cigarettes), and I think about how excited I actually am to reach my 40’s. I am way fitter and smarter than I ever was in my teens and 20’s, and that is thanks to CrossFit.

So, when I blow out my 39 candles next week, I will embrace my last year of my 30’s with humility and gratitude. Here’s to another 39 years (and maybe more) of getting older, fitter, and hopefully even a little wiser! ;-)

Kara PurvesComment