Weaknesses Are Just Strengths Waiting To Be Developed

Ever since I can remember, I was that competitive kid who not only loved to win, but I thrived against challenges. I LOVED when I came across something I couldn’t do well, and I would obsessively work at it to conquer it. I didn’t like not being able to do something, in fact, I HATED sucking at anything. But, what I loved way more than anything was proving everyone, including myself, wrong and doing it!

I still have this mindset, and I’m not sure how I acquired it back when I was a kid. Maybe being the youngest of four kids, I realized real quickly that I had to make or break it myself.

Whenever I come across a new movement or benchmark that I am not good at yet, I get an instant surge of energy. Challenge accepted! It’s this mindset that I wish I could share with everyone in CrossFit.

Many times, when an athlete comes across something that is difficult or too advanced, I see the defeat in their eyes. They cherry-pick workouts with those movements. They avoid the thing they suck at. And, I totally get it. None of us want to suck.

But, maybe if we change the way we look at it, it will change the way we approach it.

Weaknesses are just strengths waiting to be developed.

Can’t do a pull up yet? Guess what happens over time if you just keep showing up and follow an appropriate scaling progression?! Yep, you eventually get pull ups. And then, you eventually get strict pull ups, then chest-to-bar, and then muscle ups! And suddenly, pull ups are now your jam! You’ve developed a new strength!

Time is going to pass anyway. Remember last year when you said you were going to work on your pull ups?! And then you kept putting it off because of this and that, and now look - Here we are an entire year past that point, and you could have had pull ups by now! Let’s not allow another 365 days to go by without making pull ups happen this time around! ;-)

Weaknesses are NOT weaknesses. They are merely strengths waiting for you to awaken them! They are opportunities to be a better version of yourself. They are new adventures.

What adventure are you going to take this year?!

Kara PurvesComment