Most Days... And Then Some Days...

Most days, we should be consistent with attendance and sticking to the programming. And then some days, we need a “free day” or active recovery day. Days where we get to do what we want, or even more importantly, what we need, for quality of life.

Most days, we should push ourselves outside our comfort zones and hit that intensity. And then some days, we should slow it down, focus on form and technique, or listen to our bodies and scale it down.

Most days, we should eat a well-balanced diet with real food and portioned appropriately. And then some days, we should have the cake, the beers, the pizza, and the ice cream. It’s called balance! ;-)

Most days, we should try to finish as fast as we can, or get as many reps as we can. Max effort, yo! And then some days, it’s more important to push your workout buddy and pace with him/her so he/she doesn’t finish alone, and also gets some friendly competition to push him/her through! That’s what friends are for!

Most days, we should be the best we can be. And then some days, we are allowed to be human, make mistakes, pout in the corner, or throw a tantrum.

Most days, we should work hard and make tough decisions. And then some days, we need to rest, let someone else make the decisions, and take a step back.

Most days, we do the best we can with what we have in the moment. And then some days, we are just getting by.

We all fight battles every single day that the rest of us know nothing about. Just know, that most days will be good, some great, and others bad, but no matter what, CrossFit Cadre will ALWAYS be here to give you whatever you need that day! ;-)


Kara PurvesComment