Be Like Jon

This is Jon.

Jon is a Cadre Athlete, father, husband, friend, account executive, and completely human.

Jon had shoulder surgery back in February 2019.

Jon listened to his doctor and waited until he was cleared to do any exercise.

Jon also showed up to Friday Night Lights during the CrossFit Open and cheered on his wife and fellow Cadre Athletes.

When Jon got cleared, he did his physical therapy and scaled and modified appropriately in the workouts.

Jon was smart.

Jon was patient.

Jon was also frustrated and anxious to get back to his abilities, but Jon didn’t allow his ego to take over his recovery.

Jon is slowly but surely progressing and improving. Jon still has to modify and scale for his shoulder.

Jon also continues to do his physical therapy.

Despite Jon’s inability to perform “Rx” right now, Jon is still doing The Hammy on Saturday, June 1st.

Jon is going to scale and modify The Hammy WOD to fit his current level of ability and recovery.

Jon is smart.

Jon is brave.

Jon knows that being a part of something bigger than him, or me, or even you, is more important than any workout done “Rx.”

Jon is doing the best he can, with what he has, where he is right now.

Be like Jon.


We can scale, modify, and adapt for anyone willing to put forth the heart and sweat with us! :-)

Kara PurvesComment