Terrain Race in Cleveland - June 15

REMINDER - Yeah, we didn’t forget. ;-)

Saturday, June 15 at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds is a fun run Terrain Race, and there is even a “Mini Monkey” course for kids!

A bunch of us signed up early on for the FREE registration, and (surprise, surprise), it’s STILL FREE to register if any of you wanna join in on the fun with us!

Please be forewarned, though. While registration is FREE, there is a required insurance fee and minimal additional charge (I think it ends up being like $17 all together). There will also be a parking fee of $20, so let’s carpool as much as possible!




Our races are based around a 5k structure, so you can generally expect a run of up to 5k of mud, walls, ropes, monkey bars, and 15+ other examples of anything we’re able to fit into the unique terrain of each venue we visit. We’re consistently striving for innovation and excitement in our obstacles, so there’s always a chance you’ll see something brand new! From the moment you step off of that start line, until you triumphantly cross the finish, we hope you’re prepared to have the time of your life among so many of your new best friends in the Terrain community.

No community would be complete without taking care of the next generation, so we’re always thrilled to have the youngsters out here with us.

While you must be at least 14 years old to run the 5k course by yourself, children aged 7-13 are fully welcome and encouraged to run the 5k with a parent or guardian.

And then for the crowd of 2 to 10 year olds, we have the Mini Monkey course, which is a half mile scaled-down version of our adult course, but made kid sized! The kids have an absolute blast with it, and they even get their own medal at the finish! Registration will be available with posted start times when you arrive to the venue on race day.

Kara PurvesComment