Final Destination

What is the final destination here at CrossFit Cadre?

When do you know you are “fit?”

When are you done?






The correct answer is when you die.

Our final destination is death.

You are done with fitness when you die.

So, until that day, remain a beginner, a learner, a student. Come in to each class as if it were your first day here. Approach each movement as if you were learning it for the first time. Set goals. Achieve them. Then set new goals. And keep going.

A bar row eventually becomes a ring row, which eventually becomes a banded pull up, which eventually becomes controlled negatives, into your first strict pull up, into kipping pull ups, into chest-to-bar pull ups, into bar muscle ups, into ring muscle ups, into burpee ring muscle ups, into weighted vest strict muscle ups, into strict ring muscle with ring handstand push up, into archer ring muscle ups…. you catch my drift?!

In case you didn’t know, all of us coaches still coach each other. Yes, JonMichael gets told from Robby numerous times to fix his overhead squat position. Yes, Kara gets told to stop hitching at her hips in her Snatch. And yes, Jason gets told by Julie to lockout at the top. We STILL get coached, because we all know that while we have mastered many things, there are many things we still need help with. And, while we are great at coaching others, we are not so great at coaching ourselves, haha! ;-)

The goal here is NOT to be able to do the workouts “Rx.” You are not “fit” when that happens. Yes, you are fitter than before, but that is not the final destination. There is still so much more to be done!

Lifelong learner. Lifelong fitness.

Be coachable. Always.

Keep growing.

Kara PurvesComment