Baby Carl (Abigail & Craig) Meal Train

Hey FitFam,

Our Cadre power couple, Abigail & Craig, are having their FIRST baby - Abigail has been in labor since Saturday, and late time I messaged her, she was 37 hours deep! One tough mama! I sure hope that by the time y’all read this blog, baby Carl has already come out! ;-)

In support of our Cadre CommUNITY, we are doing a meal train for them as they adjust to this new, exciting, and overwhelming stage of life. As many of us can relate, those first few weeks with new baby can be exhausting, beautiful, frustrating, and a blur! The last thing we want to have to worry about is what to eat, and even worse, having to actually make it. So, let’s give Abigail & Craig a helping hand. :-)


  1. Sign up for a day to make or buy a meal at:

    1. *** NO BANANAS *** Abigail is severely allergic! Thank you!

    2. Anything Paleo or “Paleo-ish” is appreciated, but they will certainly eat anything!

    3. As best as possible, pick dishes that are easy to store and keep, easy to heat up and eat right away.

  2. Pre-make or buy the meal and drop it off at CrossFit Cadre for Coach Kara. Please only use containers that you do NOT want returned to you! Thank you! Clean Eatz in Cuyahoga Falls is a great and easy option ( ) Any homemade meals are certainly welcomed, too!

    1. We are starting on Monday, May 20th, and I will collect and drop off meals every Monday for that week (They live in Akron, so instead of making everyone drive out there, I figured this would be more convenient. Plus, it gives Abigail & Craig privacy as they adjust with the newborn).

      1. So, first pick up at Cadre will be on Monday, May 20, and will be for everyone who signed up for the dates May 20 - 26. You can drop off the food and leave it in the refrigerator that Saturday before, or anytime Monday morning by 11:00am.

      2. Second pick up will be Monday, May 27, and will be for everyone who signed up for the dates May 27 - June 2.

      3. Third pick up will be Monday, June 3, and will be for everyone who signed up for the dates June 3 - 9.

    2. I have it scheduled out for 4-weeks, but let’s try to fill the first two weeks first, because that can be the most challenging time adjusting at home with a newborn.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or text me (Coach Kara) at 330-671-1207.


And, please, if at any time you know anyone else in our Cadre commUNITY who could use a meal train, whether it’s for a newborn, a battle with cancer, grieving a death, or other, please let me know so we can support our Cadre peeps in times of need. We aren’t “just” a gym here - We are a family!

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