Happy (Early) Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a very special and emotional day. It’s the day that we buy the most flowers, plants, and cards than any other holiday of the year, besides Christmas! It’s also the day the most phone calls are made - Over 122 million!

Over $25 BILLION dollars is spent by consumers for Mother’s Day, and over 5 billion of that is on jewelry alone!

Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year for restaurants, and it is celebrated all over the world.

Moms are pretty darn special. And, while I’d like to recognize and thank all of you amazing moms out there, I also want to take the time to give some love to all the other moms out there…

Who raise animals instead of human beings.

Who willingly and lovingly are Stepmoms.

Who are Foster moms.

Who lost a child too soon.

Who have strained relationships with their children.

Who are moms without their own mothers around.

Who are trying to become a mom.

And, who long to be a mom.

From our Cadre FitFam to yours, we send ALL of you moms out there love and support, and a whole lot of gratitude! Thank you! We love you! XOXO


Kara PurvesComment