Spring is in the Air

The weather is starting to finally turn, and before we know it, summer will be here!

So, now that warmer weather and sunny days are ahead, here are some friendly reminders for y’all to consider as you head in for a workout:

  • Wear clothes that wick sweat and moisture away from your body to keep you cool. NO COTTON, especially not cotton socks and underwear!

  • Dress in layers. Especially if you’re a morning athlete, you may be cold initially, but be sure to have a shirt or tank top on underneath. You may even want to wear shorts, and just put on lightweight sweats for the beginning.

  • DRINK WATER consistently and stay hydrated. Remember that hydration is NOT something you can “make up” quickly by chugging a gallon of water suddenly. Drink morning, noon, afternoon, and night.

  • Whenever possible, get your workout done in the morning when it’s cooler, especially in the summer time.

  • Listen to your body. Scale and modify as needed, and even slow down as needed, especially in the heat.

  • Did I say DRINK WATER already?! ;-) Yes, it’s really important. Stay hydrated, my friends!

  • Bring an extra shirt or tank top to change into after the workout. More than likely, you’ll be super sweaty, and it’s always nice to have a clean, dry top to change into after a serious sweat sesh!

  • Stay on top of your hand-care game, especially when it gets really hot and humid around here! That kind of weather makes our calluses more susceptible to ripping and tearing.

Got any other helpful tips for us to share?!

Kara PurvesComment