He's Our Hero!

Tonight, we want to give a shout out to our fearless leader and co-owner of CrossFit Cadre, Coach Jason Welch, for completing his first-ever GORUCK Challenge this weekend. It was a 24-hour mental and physical challenge that took place in Edgewater State Park.

As many of you know, Coach Jason already has enough on his plate as it is working full-time as an anesthetist, is a busy father of three, loving husband, business owner of CrossFit Cadre, as well as a friend, mentor, community outreach, volunteer, and giver. He heads on The Hammy and The Winter Classic events. He answers all of our calls, texts, emails, Facebook messages, and posts. He puts out fires. Aaaand, pretty much never sleeps! ;-)

And, even despite all of his great doings day in and day out, this guy STILL makes the time to do a GORUCK Challenge and put himself out there. How can you not love a man who not only preaches self-improvement and going outside your zones, but a man who also LIVES by his words!

Here’s what Coach Jason had to say today on Facebook:

Really can’t put into words what this patch means to me! Toughest thing I’ve EVER done and it STILL pales in comparison to what POW’s endured during the Bataan Death March. Although physically demoralizing, this challenge was MENTAL! Just kept telling myself to put one foot in front of the other to get to the end. This was only 24 hours of my life and I had many creature comforts to help me along. Can’t imagine being 98lbs., with malaria, dehydrated, vomiting and soiling myself. Add to that the threat of a bayonet, sword or a bullet if you stopped! Massive respect for those who served and for those who serve with with focused resolve. Thank you to all who called, text or reached out with encouragement.

Congrats, Coach Jason! WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!!!

Kara PurvesComment