Why We HAVE to Squat Differently

When you have a spare 5 minutes, I would love for you to read this article by Dr. Ryan DeBell. He owns and operates “The Movement Fix” and is definitely worth following him on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Lots of knowledge bombs and perspectives!

This article in particular went viral a few years back, and is one of my all-time favorites. I refer to it often with clients, because there is a common misconception that there is a “right way” to squat. The cookie-cutter version - Knees out, feet shoulder-width apart, feet foward, chest up - That is a good place to start.

However, with a good coach, you should be finding YOUR right squat. The way I squat is not how I would try to force a 6’7” man. I am 5’4” on a good day, and I have short, thick Asian legs that were designed for squatting. A lanky 6’7” man whose torso is short, and legs stretched over a mile physically cannot squat like me. Nor does he need to squat like me to get strong and fit. He needs to squat in HIS best stance for his body type and ability.

Okay, so check out this article:


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