Strength Sentry

Coach Robby is leading a NEW class for all high school athletes starting May 24th!

Are you a High School Athlete looking to get stronger, faster, and more explosive? Are you looking to set the tone and gain the edge over your opponents? Here is an opportunity to make your hard work pay massive dividends on the field of play.

CrossFit Cadre’s Strength Sentry is a specifically tailored program for high school athletes of all sports and abilities who want to increase their performance on and off the field. Coach Robby will be programming and coaching the athletes, and will be sharing his wealth of knowledge, years of experience as an athlete himself, his passion for CrossFit, and his fun-loving, effective teaching style. The athletes will learn things here that not only will transfer into their sports, but into their daily lives, and hopefully forever.

CrossFit is quickly becoming a staple in high school sports training, and is bringing more awareness to proper form and technique in lifts, correct movement patterns, and the needs for a good warm up, mobility, nutrition, and recovery. While high school athletes specifically specialize in certain skills for their sport, CrossFit helps address all the other areas of weakness so that the athletes are more well-rounded and build a stronger foundation in order to perform at their best potential. Think of it as cross-training during the off-season, LEVELED UP! ;-)

The classes will run every Monday - Friday @ 8:00am & 4:30pm.

Each class will be one hour long. High school athletes do NOT have to have any CrossFit experience, nor do they have to be Cadre members to join. This is open to the public for any and all willing to put in the work and crush their goals!

For any questions or further information, please contact Coach Robby Beerck @ (937) 371-1942, or stop by the gym anytime!

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