Improvement Imminent... If You Want It

What do you want out of your fitness journey? What is it that you want to achieve? What are your goals? WHY are you here?

I would like you to answer these questions to yourself. Don’t tell me what they are, because I want them to be as honest and raw as possible. I want YOUR answers - Not the ones that you THINK you’re supposed to have, or the answers OTHERS always give, and I definitely do not want the answers your parents, friends, or significant others want you to say!

I want YOUR answers. From your heart.

And, even if your honest answer is that you just want to look good naked, then by all means, let’s make that happen! There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good, whatever that definition may be to you. It’s only wrong when it makes you do unsafe things to achieve that goal. But, heck, even I will admit that a part of me DOES do CrossFit for the aesthetics! ;-)

Whatever YOUR reasons are, whatever your goals, you CAN achieve them through consistently doing the program. And, if you need supplemental programming for specific goals, we have that, too!

Coach JonMichael & Coach Phil program our gym’s General Physical Preparedness training program at Cadre, and they call it “Improvement Imminent.” They also provide us with a weekly podcast every Sunday and Wednesday, which can be found easily on iTunes Podcast now! If you follow @improvement_imminent on Instagram, you’ll also see video demos and explanations.

AAAAAAAND, they even provide “extra credit” work for anyone looking for more in their training. It’s called “Over The Top” and we will be posting the extra credit work on the whiteboard in the Northside of the gym for all of you each day. You can do some of it, or all of it, or none of it. It’s up to you. It’s supplemental work that is designed specifically to complement the daily GPP programming, and help you improve your fitness in whatever capacity you want to work.

Bottom line - The work you put in, will be the results you get out of it.

We can give you all the tools possible, but unless you start hammering away at those nails yourself, that foundation won’t build itself.

Coach JonMichael & Coach Phil intently named their programming, “Improvement Imminent,” because if you do it, and you do well, and consistently, you WILL get better. And, if you want more, then tack on the “Over The Top” supplemental program when you can.

Improvement is always imminent… If you want it… And, if you work for it!

As always, we also encourage you to talk to us! We LOVE to collaborate, elaborate, and discuss all things CrossFit and health & fitness. It’s kinda our thing! ;-)

Kara PurvesComment