Gimme Some Sugar!

Have you heard about SugarWOD yet?!

It’s an awesome app we are using at CrossFit Cadre to keep track of all of our lifts and workouts so we have a record to go back to when needed. It’s also a great way for all of us at Cadre to cheer each other (We can give each other “Fist Bumps” and share comments), stay accountable, and provide support for each other.

Check it out here:

Just download the app on your smartphone, make yourself a Profile, and be sure to Join “CrossFit Cadre” to get the workouts each day and log in your results. From there, you can check out our gym’s Leaderboard, give “fist bumps” and words of encouragement, and even some friendly banter. ;-)

Download the App, “SugarWOD”

Make your Profile

Join our Gym, “CrossFit Cadre”

Each day you show up for the WOD, be sure to log in your results and give some love to the others!

If you have any questions or trouble with the app, just ask one of us awesome coaches. ;-)

Kara PurvesComment