19.3 is...


For Time:

200-ft. Dumbbell Overhead Lunge
50 Dumbbell box Step-ups
50 Strict Handstand Push-ups
200-ft. Handstand Walk
Time Cap: 10 minutes

Check out all the details here: https://games-assets.crossfit.com/2019-sdfoiwwe09835.pdf

Okay, so I am going to be really real with you guys tonight - I’ve been dealing with a teething 6-month old, and a now projectile vomiting 3-year old. It’s like a scene from “The Exorcist,” y’all. This poor kid.

As I am typing this, I am sitting in bed next to my sleeping 3-year old. She’s lying on a waterproof blanket with extra towels surrounding her, and our biggest mixing bowl I could find. Every little sound she makes other than breathing, I am quickly grabbing the bowl and putting it under her mouth.

Parenting. Life.

So… this is going to be short tonight, and I appreciate y’all understanding.

My one and only piece of advice for this one is - BE SMART. There is absolutely no reason for you to risk any neck and/or head injury just for an “Rx” next to your name, or for a few measly reps that in the grand scheme of things mean nothing. They aren’t going to make you fitter or better - They’ll make you injured. DO NOT BOUNCE off of your head. DO NOT CRASH LAND on your head. That is literally a mini head injury each time you do that.

If you find you can’t control the descent, immediately drop your feet to the ground before you crash land.

If you have to scale to the DB Strict Press, then do it. You’ll still get an awesome workout, I promise! It will still suck, and you will get fitter and better for it.

Be smart. Be safe. And, as always, have fun doing it!

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