Friday Night Lights 19.3

THIS FRIDAY, March 8th @ 5:30pm

is our third Friday Night Lights event for the CrossFit Open.

Any guesses on what WOD 19.3 will be?? We haven’t had muscle ups, pull ups, HSPU, deadlifts, thrusters, or box jumps yet, and those tend to be programmed every year in the Open. Will it be a repeat?! Or, something completely brand new?! Exciting things to come…

This Friday Night Lights, our theme is “Wear R.E.D. Friday,” and we encourage all of you to wear as much red as possible! Every Friday at Cadre, we wear red to “Remember Everyone Deployed,” and this Friday night we really want to up our red-game for our heroes out there!

Red shirts, red shorts, red leggings, red socks, red knee sleeves, red wrist wraps, red athletic tape, red headband, red hair ties, red face paint, red nail polish, red lipstick, red weight belts, red shoes, red hair… The possibilities are endless.

Show your love and support while throwing down in the third CrossFit Open workout with some of the best people in Ohio! ;-)

Kara PurvesComment